January SEO Updates 2024

January SEO Updates 2024

January SEO Updates 2024

Hello friends, In this article, We will discuss the "Digital Marketing updates" and "SEO update" of January month. 



On 2nd January, Facebook alias Meta launched a feature called Link History. If you visit any of the links on Facebook, then Facebook will keep its history safe with this Link History feature, which, according to Facebook, gives you the freedom to access all your links at the same place. This Link History feature is by default on. Even if you turn it off, then Facebook will delete the data of the pages you visited in 90 days. 


From 4th January, Google Chrome has officially started blocking third-party cookies for 1% of users. Google is randomly selecting accounts for this test. And if you are selected, then third-party cookies will not run on your web or mobile browser And you will get a notification like this. 

On 8th January, Google has removed the option to stop the crawl rate from Google Search Console.  Google announced this on 24th November, 2023. And as promised, this tool has stopped working on 8th January. Now, if you go to the page of this tool, then you will see the tool. You will get the option to select your website from this drop-down. As soon as you select this option, you will be redirected to the announcement page.

On 9th January, Google has announced that free websites like .business.site of Google My Business will be closed from March. After March, whenever someone visits .business.site link, then he will be redirected to the related GMB listing. And after 10th June, you will get the 404 page. 


On 11th January, YouTube has announced some new features. YouTube liaison Rene Ritchie has announced these through a blog post.

Number 1. YouTube creators who do live streams will see the analytics of the channel in the chat section. These analytics will also be visible to the live-stream moderators.

Number 2. Podcast people can use their old podcasts, I mean, audio podcasts, which we talk for hours on the channel, which are on some other platform, for example, Spotify, Apple Music, your own WordPress website, wherever it is, you can use the RSS feed URL and upload all your podcasts to your YouTube channel.

Number 3. YouTube is now giving you the workflow to convert your normal videos into shorts. You can click on this remix button below your video, and you can make a full video and serve it in a different size plate.


In January, Microsoft has launched the Bing Chat of Copilot Pro version. 

Number 1. In all your devices, wherever you have logged into your Microsoft account, using its data, AI Copilot can give you results and answers in other devices. You can call it cross-device sync. 

Number 2. In Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, Copilot will work. Whether you are on a PC, Mac, iPad, or anywhere else, AI Copilot will always be ready to help you. 

Number 3. You will get access to all the models of ChatGPT in the future. If you are watching this series regularly, you know that Microsoft has invested $10 billion in OpenAI. Because of this, you get to see the goodness of ChatGPT in Bing Chat. So, in the future, whenever a new version of ChatGPT comes with OpenAI, like GPT Turbo, which is already available, it will be available for Microsoft's Copilot Pro users first.

Number 4. You will get a fast version of the images that are being made with Copilot. You can quickly create 100 images every day. 

Number 5. You can make your GPTs for the fast. Microsoft has named it an innovative Copilot GPT. 

Google Update

On 17th January, Google has announced two new AI-based search features.

Number 1. Circle to Search. That is, you can make a circle on your Android screen, highlight it, and get more information about it from Google.

Number 2. You can take a picture of anything with your phone's camera and search for it. I mean, this function was already there, but an addition has been made to it so that you can add any text along with the picture and search more accurately. 


On 17th January, Google has announced some changes for European users. Changes are being made to comply with the European Union's DMA, Digital Markets Act. What are these changes?

Number 1. EU users will have to click on some additional consent boxes, I agree, if you have any option. Google's linked services, that is, the search data map and map data shared with Android, users will be informed about this new policy, you will be given details, and users will have to give consent. 

Number 2. Search results will show more comparison websites, which will allow users to compare one or two products or services with different services. You will get the option to purchase without any monopoly.


On 19th January, LinkedIn has launched a new ad product called Sponsored Content. Whenever a company publishes an article on LinkedIn, it will get the option to boost it like Sponsored Content. This type of paid promotion can be used to increase brand awareness and reach. 

More spam is coming, so stay tuned. What can you do?

Number 1. Keyword research is very good.

Number 2. Site links can be generated.

Number 3. Paid promotion can be used to increase brand awareness and reach. More spam is coming to LinkedIn. 

Google Ads

On 23rd January, Google Ads has launched conversational mode for everyone in the US and UK. In conversational mode, you can do all the work by talking to Google Ads. What work can you do? 

Number 1. You can do keyword research.

Number 2. You can generate site links.

Number 3. You can make images to use in ads.

Number 4. The biggest work that people do, you can make.

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