PHP Crud Operation - Delete Data In MySQL Using PHP

PHP Crud Operation - Delete Data In MySQL Using PHP

Hello guys, Welcome back to the last article of the "php crud operation" series. In this article, I will inform you "How to delete data in MySQL using PHP". 

Write Delete query

    $get_id = $_GET['id'];  
    $delete_data= "DELETE FROM `simple_table` WHERE `id` = $get_id ";
    $delete_data_query = mysqli_query($conn ,$delete_data);

Get Source Code

Explain the update query

This PHP code appears to be responsible for deleting a record from a MySQL database table based on the value of the 'id' parameter obtained from the URL (via the `$_GET` superglobal).

Connection and ID Retrieval: The code begins by including a file (`conn.php`) that presumably contains the database connection details. It then retrieves the value of the 'id' parameter from the URL using `$_GET` and stores it in the variable `$get_id`.

Delete Query Construction: The script constructs an SQL DELETE query to remove the record from the 'simple_table' where the 'id' matches the value obtained from the URL.

Query Execution: The constructed DELETE query is executed using `mysqli_query`. If the query is successful, meaning that the record is deleted from the database, it redirects the user to 'index.php'. The redirection is performed using the `header` function.

It's worth noting that this code is susceptible to SQL injection, as it directly incorporates user input into the SQL query. To enhance security, it is recommended to use prepared statements or sanitize user inputs.

Also, there is no explicit error handling in case the deletion query fails. It would be beneficial to include error-checking mechanisms to handle situations where the deletion is unsuccessful, providing feedback to the user or logging errors for debugging purposes.



The provided PHP code is designed to delete a record from the 'simple_table' MySQL database based on the 'id' parameter obtained from the URL. It includes a connection file, retrieves the 'id' value using `$_GET`, and constructs and executes a DELETE query. Successful deletion results in a redirection to 'index.php'. However, the code is vulnerable to SQL injection and lacks explicit error handling for enhanced security and reliability.

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