Google chrome new update in 2024

Google chrome new update in 2024

Google has updated Chrome, and this update is very great. Let's see what updates Google has made in Chrome.


Save your tabs into groups

You can save and open tab groups on desktop devices when you need them. This makes it easier to clear your tab strip and focus on what you need to do right now.
1. Right-click a tab and select Add a tab to the group.
2. If you enable Save Group, your group will pop up in your bookmarks bar.
3. To remove a group from your tab strip but keep it for later, right-click the group header and choose Hide.
4. On a different desktop device, sign in and view your groups in the bookmarks bar.


Help keep your child safer online

If your child is using Chrome and you want to keep them safe online, you can set website restrictions using Family Link.
1. Your child will need their own supervised Google Account.
2. Use Family Link to control the websites your child can access in Chrome.
3. Help them sign in to their own Chrome profile so that your Family Link choices for Chrome will apply.
4. If your child wants to visit a blocked site, they can ask you for permission.

Translations when you need them

Translate your web pages into your language or languages of choice.
1. Open the Chrome menu and select Settings.
2. Select Languages in the side menu.
3. Use Google Translate to customize your translations.

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