March SEO Updates 2024

March SEO Updates 2024

Hello friends, In this article, We will discuss the "SEO update" of March month.



Update 1. The first news of March came from Google On March 1, Google started to support a new type of schema data, in fact, it invented it. It's a structured data carousel. It's not a new structured data in itself. But it lets you create a bundle of your structure data. If you see more than one restaurant, hotel, vacation rental, product, or event type entity on one page and you are adding their schema data to that page then you can create a schema. You can use this bouquet of data to get such carousel search results.

Update 2.  The second news of 1st March is that Google Ads has launched version 2. 6 of Google Ads Editor the tool that gives the facility to edit Google Ads offline This is the same tool on both Mac and Windows.

Let's see what is new in version 2.6.

Number 1. You can migrate Google Display Ads to Performance Max campaigns.

Number 2. You can set up an experiment in a Performance Max campaign.

Number 3. You can get suggestions for ad-responsive display ad fields.

Number 4. You can use the Reserved CPM bidding strategy.

Number 5. You can use more than one video to create a video ad.

Number 6. You can filter the ads that the system has paused Now.

If you don't find all these changes exciting or new Then it's fine Because Google Ads Editor always has fewer features than Google Ads web version Features are rolled out slowly in Google Ads Editor, so you won't find anything new or exciting in these.

Updates But if you don't want to play with the lighter by putting the pocket of the client in petrol Means, you don't want to change the ads in real-time Then Google Ads Editor is a good thing. You can make changes And when you are 100% sure that everything is fine Then only you will publish the changes So that the pocket of the client is safe And you won't be blamed.

Update 3. The third news of 1st March is also from Google Ads Google Ads has started a new automated system That will automatically pause such ad groups in your Google Ads account That haven't gotten any impression in the last 13 months It's almost inactive It's nearly inactive only If you haven't got any impression in the last 13 months So, in old accounts, If there is a campaign in which there is an ad group That you have forgotten to pause Then Google will automatically turn it off But after 13 months Now, is it really helpful? This means, if any ad group hasn't got any impression for 13 months Then what will you get in the future? 

Update 4. The next news is also from Google Ads Google Ads is hitting the boundary after the boundary On 4th March, Google Ads launched a new tool named Solutions You will get it inside the dashboard of Google Ads Which can automatically do some repeated tasks of your Google Ads. Account What are the tasks?

Let's see the list

Number 1. It can make a summary report of your account.

Number 2. It can automatically make a report of your ad's performance.

Number 3. If there is a big change in your ad's performance If there is an anomaly Then it can send you an alert email on any of your given email IDs.

Number 4. If your ad's landing page is suddenly deleted Or if it is unavailable for any reason. Then it can send you an email and tell you.

Number 5. If you want to make a small change in your budget Then it can do it automatically Of course, Google, how sweet of you You can take care of our budget.

Number 6. It can automatically manage negative criteria Solutions use Google Ads API So you get the latest and accurate information And actions.


Update 5. The next news is from Microsoft Ads They have launched their Performance Max Ads globally for everyone From 5th March, all the common people Will have the option to go to the Microsoft Ads dashboard And start the Performance Max campaign Just like Google's Performance Max Ads Microsoft's Performance Max campaigns are also AI-powered And they can optimize their performance based on your goals They can change their look These are all artificial ads Microsoft is doing the same, Google is doing the same Microsoft has not even thought of a new name for the Performance Max campaign They are using the same.

Google Update

Update 6. On 5th March, Google started rolling out the March Core Update and Spam Update In this update, expired domains, backlink spam, paid links, And the unhelpful content that was being published on a large scale Whether it was AI-generated or manually generated The content was being published on a very large scale All of them were targeted This update was so big that its rollout has not been completed yet It is going on, In the first few days of this update Google has completely de-indexed a lot of websites.

Microsoft update

Update 7. The next update of 5th March is from Microsoft. Bing Webmaster Tool has launched a feature called "Top Insights" Which shows SEO-related issues of your website as an actionable list You can use this to check and fix content issues You can check and fix indexing issues You can check and fix issues structure, data, backlinks, and performance It is a little unfortunate that a lot of SEOs Don't connect their website with Bing Webmaster Tool They don't connect Whereas in today's date It is very easy to connect Bing with your website You don't even have to add a tag Google Search can import it directly from the console. So I don't think you have any reason Not to use the Bing Webmaster Tool.


Update 8. The next news is from YouTube On 13th March YouTube announced some product-related features and changes Last year also Through different updates Google focused a lot on making YouTube creators product sellers You can connect your store with YouTube.

You can tag the product in your video And if you don't want to do it Google will stick it on its own. But now Some new changes are coming 

Number 1. If YouTube is facing any problem in displaying your tagged products Then you should know Of course.

Number 2. Users will be able to see subscribed content soon Which means You will be able to see the content of your subscribed channel soon.

Number 3. A clips library is being launched Which can be useful for you.

Number 4. The section on non-issues was visible in the web version of YouTube Studio.

Google Update

Update 9. On March 18, Google appointed "Liz Reed" as the head of Google Search, a role previously held by "Pandu Nayak". Liz is now leading search experiments at Google and multi-search on perspective filters. Have also worked on it. Having worked at SGE you can imagine Liz Reed is in favor of using AI and the SGE Search Generator Experience is it going to be more prominent at Google, with no one going past their brainchild Will you be able to see? Google is also clearly indicating that we are making the person who helped develop SGE the head of search and giving him a promotion.

Microsoft Update

Update 10. On March 22, Microsoft Bing launched the deep search feature for everyone. You will see a button called Deep Search on the Bing search box. By clicking on it Bing will use its search capacities Apart from GPT-4 To find more details about your search And try to give you a better answer 

YouTube Update

Update 11. On 23rd March YouTube product lead Todd confirmed That YouTube creators should not delete their videos Unless and until they have a substantial reason 

"Yesterday we uploaded the wrong version of our video And then deleted it If you don't want to show a YouTube video to the audience Then just unlist it But deleting or privatizing it Will ruin the history of your channel."

Google Update1222

Update 12. On the 25th of March, Google added a 3D model markup to product IPS schema data. So if you have a 3D model of your product, then you can show its URL in the schema markup along with this code. With this, Google will show your product's 3D image to everyone in the search results. I think this is a very good addition and will help product owners to show their products realistically. It will be very beneficial. So far, the search website owners have not been getting any direct benefit from any product's 3D imagery. So right now, this is a good opportunity.

Update 13. On 27th March, Google Ads launched Ad Safety Report 2023. In 2023, Google removed 5.5 billion ads that were not following their policies.

To identify and remove Google Scam Ads, large language models are used. That means Gemini is being used somewhere. And I hope they were not using BARD. Otherwise, I don't know how they are removing ads. In 2023, Google removed 206 million ads to violated their misrepresentation policy. And 273 million ads were removed for violating their financial service policy. Apart from removing ads, Google also removed around 4 lakh publishers. So that the advertisers who are investing their hard-earned money to show their ads on good websites, don't go to fake websites or bad websites. So Google has also removed 4 lakh publishers which is a big number compared to 2022. Apart from this, Google has launched 31 updates in Ads and Publisher Policies. And has made its Ads products and Publisher Policies stronger. 

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