MAY SEO Updates 2024

MAY SEO Updates 2024

Hello friends, In this article, We will discuss the "SEO update, Digital Marketing, AI, etc" of May month.


Google Ads

Update 1. The first news of this month comes from Google Ads. First of all, Google Ads has launched a new policy through which using defake technology, whenever someone makes sexual content or tries to promote it, then Google Ads will disable such campaigns, and it will not allow it. If a website is making sexually explicit content through defake content is promoting it as a service or is teaching how to make it for a tutorial, all three types of ads will be blocked, or banned.

Meta Ads

Update 2. The next news is from Meta Ads. On 7th May, Meta has launched AI-based enhanced ad creation tools. Now you can use these tools to generate text and images in Meta Ads. And you can overlay your text on these images to make a nice graphic. This option is in beta and will be launched soon for the normal public. Meta's Advantage Plus platform is constantly consolidating AI technologies related to ads, whether it is ad creation or it is to create an audience for ad distribution. So I think this is a very good thing for Meta's audience and Meta's publishers. 


Update 3. On 13th May, Google announced that suspended accounts of Google Ads will have very few features. They will be restricted from doing many activities. These changes have been live since June 2024. Let's take a look at these changes one by one.

Number 1. The first number is the billing option. Now suspended accounts can only pay, download tax documents, or add payment methods. 

Number 2. The second number is in account settings. Suspended accounts can cancel their accounts and claim for a refund. 

Number 3. The third number is appeals and verification. Suspended accounts can log in to their accounts and start the advertising verification process. 

Number 4. The next is security settings. You can update the security settings after logging in to your suspended accounts. You can also navigate to any page in your Google Ads account and download reports and related information. 

Update 4. On 14th May, Google launched AI Overview at the IEO 2024 event Liz Reed said many impressive things while launching AI Overview. But you don't need to be confused. AI Overview is nothing but Google's SGE, Search Generative Experience, which is a renamed version. Right now, there is no quality-related improvement, design changes, etc. AI Overview is just a name for a Search Generative Experience.
SGE was available in beta format only. But Google launched AI Overview in the entire US. So those who are searching on Google can see AI Overview. AI Overview will be launched all over the world in a few months. AI Overview is being served to everyone. It doesn't mean that the quality of AI Overview has improved.

Many people in the US are complaining and asking for ways to get rid of AI Overview. AI Overview was such a super hit feature that it was launched on May 14. 

Update 5. On May 15, Google launched a new web filter. There is no better definition than this. Google has named this new filter as Web. If you go to this web filter, you don't see AI Overview. You only see normal search results. The 10 blue links that were originally visible in Google. Just imagine Google, which was a web search company, If you want to see these results, you have to use a filter called Web. 

Update 6. On May 16, Google launched two new Google bots. Google Other-Image and Google Other-Video. Google launched the Google Other bot in 2023.  That is, last year, on 20th April. This bot is similar to Google Bot. All the features, functions, specialties, and functionality are the same. The only difference is that the Google Other bot is used by Google's internal teams to visit, analyze, and diagnose a website. So whenever Google's internal teams want to visit your website, they use a bot called Google Other. They don't use a normal Google bot. Now, two versions of this Google Other bot have been launched. They are Images and Videos. As you can see from the name, both of them are used to crawl image and video-type content. I guess, maybe, Google Others is spending a lot of resources on itself. That's why Google has launched two specific bots, Google Other-Image and Google Other-Video. One of them will visit the image content. It will help in diagnosing image content. The other one will help in diagnosing video-type content. 

Update 7. On 21st May, in the Google Marketing Live 2024 event, many ads related announcements were made. 

Number 1. For number one, many new formats of ads have been launched for Shorts. You can make vertical-format ads with stickers. Shorts is Google's new mantra. Google is constantly pushing for Shorts. And wherever Google will create content or will make you create content, there will be ads. So Shorts ads will be launched in different styles. 

Number 2. Number two, there will be video-powered search ads. Which, above the search ads, you will see a button. After clicking it, you will see different types of videos which are related to the same brand's products. Now, these videos can be provided by the brand itself or they can be sourced from an influencer. Whatever. I am guessing that while making an ad, you will get the option to link the videos. And that ad will be shown only like this. 

Number 3. There will be virtual try-on ads. Which, before purchasing any product, you can see the fitting of the product you are looking at. On different body types of people. In this way, you will get a crawlable option. Where you can click and select different body types. And you can see, the clothing or whatever product you are looking at. Or how it will look on your body type. 

Number 4.  Number four is 3D shoe spin. Which, the shoe ads will be shown like this. 

Number 5.  Number five is AI ads. Which, along with the ad, you will get a custom button for exploration. Whenever someone clicks on this button, on the same search result page, in Google itself, you will get a very expanded panel. Which, there will be a lot of information about the product and its different variations. And if the user is satisfied, then he can take action through different buttons. Now, this is a radically different type of ad. So many content advertisers will write. Or Google will generate this content from its own landing page.

It will generate these buttons by itself. This will be seen in the future. Right now, we don't have any information about this. 

Update 8. The second news of 21st May is from WordPress. WordPress has launched the 6.5 version. Which, the biggest SEO point of view change is the support of the LastMod property in Sitemap.
In which, WordPress will generate Sitemap by default. In which, along with the link, the LastMod property will be added. This LastMod property will tell Google or whichever search engine or bot you are depending on when this page was updated last time. Now, the LastMod property is being generated and provided by many SEO plugins.

So, it's not like you are going to gain a new function. But, the change is that WordPress which was not providing the default option will provide it now. So, those who don't use any SEO plugin will also get the benefit of it. 

Update 9. On 28th May, the data leak of Google's Content Warehouse API happened. According to some people, in this data leak, there is detailed information about 14,000 ranking signals of Google. This entire leak document is 1,01,040 words which there is a lot of data. There are a lot of things about Google's internal workings. According to Google's own statement, it's not like the data is fake. But, they will not tell us that all the things mentioned in this are being used in the ranking. If they are being used, then how much are they being used? There is no information about it. So, this huge data leak, how you want to see it, it depends on you. But, there is no such information anywhere that gives you a Guru Mantra that if you do this, then the website will start ranking. But, along with this, the entire leak of this document is absolutely not useless. There is a lot of information in this about such systems which we didn't know till now. And, this gives us a hint at how Google judges the content of any page or the quality of the website, how it judges the quality of any link, etc. There is a lot of data in this.

Update 10. On 28th May, Google Business Profile announced that the chat function and call history data will not be available from 31st July.

The function of new messages will be shut down from 15th July and this option will not be visible from 31st July. So if your business was using Google Business Profile's chat in any way, now you will not be able to use it. 

Update 11. On 30th May, Google Search's Chief Liz Reid wrote a blog post to justify her AI overviews. 

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